Canon LTM

Canon LTM
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Price: $795.00
Availability: Available
Model: Canon 50mm f2.2
Manufacturer: CANON

 Thats correct a 50mm f2.2 Canon screw mount for Canon rangefinder Leica etc with the standard LTM thread. In excellent condition same as the photo but different serial number a I pinched this photo off the web. You can have a Canon P body with it if you want for extra but the body needs slow speeds serviced

Some info on this lens from the web-designed by Jirou Mukal

Canon 50mm f/2.2 LTM @ f/2.2

This little lens is actually not too bad at all. Very sharp, good out of focus rendering. Not exactly a speed demon, but good enough for normal daylight and bright indoors usage.


Too bad it's quite a rare lens