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Manufacturer: LEICA

Every week we get lots of great second hand gear that we dont always get to list straight away as individual items-so call and ask.  Recent samples include


Leica 90mm F2.8 M SIlver 6 bit coded 

Hasselblad 180mm CFi-coming Friday 5/1/18

Pentax ES with 50mm F1.4 just had a US $100 service

Leica 50mm F2 R-very well used small scuff marks showing but just had a lube by Leica tech so focus and function 100%  $400 each  2 avaibale or buy the mint one in the box for $795 your call-All are E55 filter thread so have built in lens hood

Contax RTS Kit body from original owner EXC condtion 100% functional: 50mmF1.4; 100mm F3.5; 200mm Tele made in Germany


Fuji X100F

Zeiss Milvus 21mm ZF2 for Nikon as new in the box-bought new in 11/17 balance new warranty will apply

Sat 13/1/18-Saturdays seem to be getting crazier and crazier so traded in today

M10-Black yes M10 current model in the box balance of new Australian warranty applies

Sony A7RIII-yest the new model 3 in the box as new balance of new Aussie warrnaty applies.

Contax Aria 35mm film camera with 50mm F1.7 Japan lens- great student camera- Zeiss glass at a great price. or put a 50mm F1.4 on it

Leica EVF for the M10 or the TL2 came in with the M10 as new in box

Nikon F5-sold one today took in an EXC condition one we had sold about 6 months ago but customer wasnt using it so traded it back-this one is one of the cleanest F5s you will see


Leica 28mm F2.8 ASPH 6 bit coded

Zeiss 50mm F1.4 ZF2 available next Thursday 25/01

Zeiss 85mm F1.4? ZF2 available next Thursday 25/01