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Availability: Available
Model: Tripods
Manufacturer: MANFROTTO

Variety of used tripods-mainly Manfrotto or Gitzo

Foba Superball head

Slik-various second hand models

Manfrotto 405 junior geared head

Manfrotto 058 excellent condition $425

Manfrotto 075-silver or black legs available $295

Manfrotto 322 joy stick head as new in box

New Sirix tripods with head from $195-ideal students

Benbro new with 5 year warranty exceptionally well built include heads and a bag

Manfrotto 468 Ball Head

New after market light stands copy 004B $125

Manfrotto MT294A3

Manfrotto 055 legs $299

Gitzo G1752 Head made in France not Italy $365

Manfrotto 190CXPro 4-carbon fibre with mhx pro head

Manfrotto mk190goa4-bhx kit $285

Fancier legs and video head in bag $135

Vanguard Tarcker 4 legs $135

Kingjoy legs and video head $199