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Availability: Available
Model: SL-66 outfit
Manufacturer: ROLLEIFLEX

In 10 years when collectors and users look back on they Halcyon days of film cameras I have no doubt that the Rolleiflex SL66 system wil be regarded as the absolute pinnacle of medium format evolution.  Why?  Because it has everything a landscape or fine art photographer needs including inbuilt close focus and lens tilt for foreground focus.  Plus an amazing range of the finest Carl Zeiss optics.  And, most importantly - it is an all mechanical camera so there will be no future issues with impossible to get batteries or electronic parts.


Now this is the best outfit we have ever had the pleasure to sell - Camera body, 3 magazines,  50mm Distagon lens, 80mm planar lens, 150mm sonnar lens with leaf shutter, 250mm sonnar lens, tubes and the beautiful and rare 30mm F-distagon fisheye lens.

All in near mint condition.  Probably your last chance to grab a outfit of this quality.