Zeiss Used

Zeiss Used
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Price: $995.00
Availability: Available
Model: SW Chrome Body
Manufacturer: ZEISS

Rare Zeiss SW-note from the pix there is no viefinder on this camera it is designed for super wide lenses and has two hot shoes for viewfinders. In the box as new

The Zeiss Ikon SW offers the same high-quality build as their rangefinder camera, but lacks the rangefinder and is slightly more affordable. The camera's main structure is a single aluminum die-cast part and the lens bayonet and focal plane shutter are attached to it. Film aficionados might think of the SW as a 35mm version of Hasselblad's legendary Super Wide and it is similar in operation in many ways. One big difference is that the Zeiss SW has an electronically-controlled metal shutter, offering speeds from 1/2000 sec to 8 seconds in Automatic (Aperture Priority) mode and 1/2000 sec to 1 second plus Bulb in Manual mode. The fastest flash syncro speed is 1/125 sec. Talk about details: The lower part of the shutter is painted light gray to optimize light metering.